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Fibonacci series
Fibonacci series

Now, let’s take the conversation from draw prediction site to Fibonacci Progression in sport betting. The progression of Fibonacci series is dependent on Fibonacci sequences. It was older than the Martingale method and belongs to the time frame of the 13th century. The famous Fibonacci sequence is a number series in which the next number is the product of two previous numbers being added. If initial numbers are drawn, they are as follow: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21, … … .and so on.

If you have lost the bet, Fibonacci sequence progression is used to move ahead when betting. It is used much like Martingale, but in many ways, both methods vary from each other.


In comparison to Martingale, Fibonacci progression is sluggish construction progression. It can be used to bet on football games at drawing events. Because of the smaller risk involved. If bets are lost during long term matches, there will be no big money involved. That will also be true for ice hockey, where there are greater chances of drawing.


You must choose an event with a lower rate than the amount you reserved for the game in order to bet in the game using the Fibonacci sequence. There can now be two choices, whether you win or lose. If you win you can again place bet with initial amount. However, if you lose the bet would be multiplied by the next number of Fibonacci sequence.

Let us see how, when betting, the Fibonacci sequence functions. Suppose you start betting with an initial $3 bet. There are two options now. If you win, one bet will be placed again with the same sum of $3. However, if you lose, your bet will be multiplied by the Fibonacci sequence number, which is 1. Again, your second bet is $3. Then again, if you win your bet, your bet will be the same and if you lose, your bet will be multiplied by a second number in a sequence of 1. Your bet will be $3 there again. If you lose again, then you bet in series 2 will be multiplied by the third number again. The bet now would have been $6. Depending on available resources, this phase continues. You can see here that the decision is based on the game ‘s product.

The Fibonacci series has pros and cons of its own. The good side is that this bet builds on, as one winning roulette wheel stroke covers all the lost. But the downside is that the two numbers are removed from the sequence if you win a stake, since you have already set your bet on the basis of their outcome.